Matt Wood. Studio Manager

Matt’s the man with the whip around here: part techy-geek, part designer and part tidy-upper extraordinaire. He keeps the typeface projects firmly on track, managing the entire production process, and readily rolls up his sleeves to help with the design workload when  needed – especially if that means playing with the IT gear and software we use!

A Wellingtonian through and through (he was born in Lower Hutt), Matt now lives in wine-soaked Martinborough. His energy is legendary: up at the crack of dawn to get to the gym and in to work, and home just in time for dinner with his family. Now that’s dedication.

If I could change the world in one way, I’d… “give everyone a four-day working week. Three-day weekends – yesss!”

 Rosalind Clark. Designer

Pencil, pen, tablet, screen, ink or pixel – whatever the medium, Roz is up for the challenge!

Roz has applied her graphic design skills to everything from magazines and advertising to film, fashion, art and illustration. Her passion is narrative graphics, through which she tells stories and takes audiences on a visual journey.

Roz enjoys the fluidity of the creative process. “I like to keep exploring options for our clients, rather than seizing the first idea that comes along,” she says. “I often find myself searching for the solution only to realise that it doesn’t exist… yet. That’s my purpose as a designer.”

When she’s not on the digital tools Roz loves creating artworks, either for exhibition or just for fun. Lately though, the only painting she’s done has been the walls of her house.

If I could change the world in one way, I’d… “be able to zoom in to tiny images without losing any of the quality or detail – just like they do on CSI!”.

Brittany Yang. Designer

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Brittany landed on New Zealand’s shores early in 2016. typeface quickly snapped her up, recognising a true creative spirit with energy and attitude to boot!

Describing herself as ‘currently growing as a graphic designer’, Brittany’s passionate about creative problem-solving and the power of the positive. “I’m a firm believer that small things can make a big difference,” she says, “and I love having the opportunity to make the world a more visually pleasing place.”

Brittany’s particularly enjoying typeface’s boutique approach to business. “I get to work directly with our clients in a relaxed environment,” she says. “It’s great for building strong relationships.”

If I could change the world in one way, I’d… “create a real PANTONE Universe, full of colour swatches! All profits would go to supporting developing creative communities and charities fighting preventable blindness”.

Julie Bénard. Designer

Julie’s career as a graphic designer, typographer and calligrapher began with a chat to her grandfather.

“I was about to start studying medicine and music when my granddad – an architect – complained that none of his grandkids had followed his lead,” says Julie, who was born and bred in Toulon, France. “On impulse I went to an art school open day in Paris, and I immediately knew where I belonged!”

Julie joined typeface in 2017, and says she likes its boutique size and the variety of work that comes her way.

“I see graphic design as art with a tangible purpose,” she says. “I love the science and logic behind it, and the satisfaction that comes with doing a job well.”

Julie’s creativity goes well beyond the workplace. “I like to experiment with pottery, screen-printing, photography, watercolours, fabric dyeing – anything, as long as it involves working with my hands.”

If I could change the world in one way, I’d… “be able to travel the world and work anywhere without a visa or travel fees – it would be such a great feeling of freedom!”

Abi Hutchings. Designer

Abi was just nine when she and her family moved to New Zealand from South Africa. Today she’s loving the Kiwi lifestyle, and relishing her role as a graphic designer with typeface.

“I still find it hard to believe that I can get paid to work on design projects all day,” she says. “I’ve been obsessed with design since I was a child, when I collected just about anything with a brand on it. Business cards, stickers, coasters, brochures: you name it, I collected it!”

Having spent six years working in government agencies and as a freelance designer, Abi’s enjoying typeface’s boutique approach. “As a small team we work closely together, mulling over and testing ideas and striving to produce top-quality design. It’s a great way to work.”

Abi’s passion for design is a 24-hour thing; in her spare time she enjoys drawing, hand-lettering and collecting ideas for inspiration. Beyond that she loves running, taking walks on the beach with her husband and dog, and travelling as much as she can.

If I could change the world in one way, I’d… “make dogs live forever so you never have to worry about them leaving – and have summer last all year”.

Gray Buchanan. Designer

Gray Buchanan was destined to be a graphic designer. Born near Liverpool in the UK to a family of artists and designers, he’s always had a passion – and a talent – for the visual. He’s absolutely chuffed that he’s been able to make design his career, and that through it he’s had opportunities to work on a diverse range of branding projects for an equally diverse range of clients.

“I love the challenges of design – of using words and pictures to create clarity and order,” he says. “I love the way it enables new ideas and solutions and new and exciting ways to help clients communicate their messages in visual form. Being part of the lovely team at typeface makes it all the sweeter.”

Beyond the typeface doors, Gray indulges in other passions: exploring New Zealand, “whether it’s with a big walk, a (slow) run or a long cycle”, and supporting from afar his hometown football team. “I still get up at ridiculous hours to watch the Mighty Reds!”

If I could change the world in one way, I’d… “invent teleporting; with family and friends in all corners of the world, instant travel (minus any jet lag) would be pretty sweet!”

Martin Hunt. Owner/Director

Former pommie and now passionate Kiwi and All Blacks supporter, Martin Hunt brings “maturity and wisdom” (a.k.a age and experience) to his role as typeface founder, manager and team leader. He also brings his ‘unique’ sense of humour and a 1980s’ music collection, which, according to the other creative characters, are only compensated for by a regular supply of lattes and flat whites from the typeface espresso machine.

Martin’s incredibly proud of his business and his team. “Having the opportunity to run my own business has enabled me to provide the fun, relaxed working environment that’s vital to creating great work for our clients. That, and an uncompromising commitment to client satisfaction, are the keys to our own business success.”

If I could change the world in one way, I’d… “discover and patent the ‘extra couple of days’ that all clients seem to lose but by which they really need to extend their deadlines…. :)”